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Astroflame Passive Fire Protection Products:

Astroflame stock or manufacture a wide range of certified fireproofing and passive fire protection items such as - fire seals, smoke seals, fire pillows, pipe collars, sleeves & wraps, fire grilles, intumescent mastic, lighting fire hoods, fire board, cladding seals etc. We also supply intumescent paints & coatings.


About Astroflame CE Marked Products
We have an expanding range of CE labelled products for sale in the European Economic Area (EEA).


Astroflame exports to 50+ countries from the UK.

In addition to passive fire protection items we stock a wide range of door finger guards & acoustic door seals,
and some disabled access and safety products.

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Astroflame and EOTA Certification.Astroflame and Exova Certification.

Intumescent Pipe Wrap

Intumescent Pillows

Loft Cone

Intumescent  Wallbox Inserts

Finger Guards for Doors

Fire Batt : Fire Board

High Pressure Expanding Sealant

Quadseal: draught, acoustic fire and smoke seal.



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Our sister site Astrodraft has a wide range of door seals for weather sealing, draughtproofing, energy conservation and noise reduction.

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Passive fire protection construction components are used to resist, retard and isolate flames and the associated smoke and fumes: they do not in themselves extinguish flames hence they are classed as 'passive protection'. Show more ...

A key design requirement for passive fire protection systems concerns public safety - the guarantee of a specific resistance / retardation time increases the time available for the evacuation of a building. Times vary between 30 minutes up to 4 hours retardation, dependent on the particular product and application.

The flame retardant and smoke stopping capabilities of these construction components also enables rescue and emergency services to undertake their jobs in a more controlled environment. Finally damage to the building, contents and surroundings by flames or smoke may be significantly reduced by a passive fire protection system.

ASTROflame provides a wide range of components to protect the weak points of a building which would otherwise allow the free and uncontrolled passage of fire, smoke and fumes.

Intumescent products are those which expand (or intumesce) to several times their original size when activated by high temperatures. This action prevents the spread of flames and smoke to other parts of a building. Passive fireseals and pipe clamps contain intumescent compounds.

Intumescent seals have to be independently tested and certified to national standards to ensure that they will operate as claimed in the event of a fire - for example retain their integrity for 30 minutes.

Fire rated products are flame resistant / fire retardant and offer some passive resistance but are not intumescent and do not expand when heated. These may still be preferable for general construction purposes than standard products which have no rating of any kind.

Non Rated Products such as metal letterplates or louvre covers are not fire rated but intended to be used in conjunction with products which are, such as intumescent letterbox liners or intumescent grilles.

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