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Trade Name: Finger Keeper Industrial - RP62

Heavy Duty Hinge Guard

Door finger Guard suited to demanding commercial and industrial environments.

Anodised Aluminium and EPDM Rubber construction.

Can be retro fitted.

Fits butt hinged or centre pivot doors.

Easily extended for non standard height doors.

Conforms to UK H&S Regs. 1992 (SI 3004)

Available for 157mm or 260mm (wide) gaps.

Available in 2100mm or 2500mm (long) versions.

Available in a 'reversible' PVC material version.

Finger Keeper Industrial Finger Guard


Anti finger trapping door guard - Raven RP62

Fingerkeeper Industrial is a heavy duty finger-pinch protection device (anti-finger-trapping hinge guard) manufactured from Black EPDM fitted in an Anodised aluminium carrier, that has black inserts to conceal the fixing screws.

The EPDM safety strip prevents fingers being pinched on the hinge side of a door. It is fixed to the door and the jamb on the hinged side.

Manufactured by Raven Products as 'Anti-finger Jam Seal RP62'.

The dimensions of the standard finger guard are shown below in mm.


Raven RP62  anti finger pinch guard diagram




A wider safety strip is available for covering larger gap openings, such as powered gates etc.
The safety strip is 260mm wide compared to the standard width of 157mm (see diagram above).

Seal Lengths
Guards are available in 2100mm or 2500mm lengths and can be cut to length required.
For longer lengths butt joint strips together (or to special order).

Standard Finishes
Carrier: Satin Clear Anodised Aluminium (15 microns)
Strip: Black EPDM rubber.

Fixing Method
Zinc plated, cross recess head S.T. screws of the appropriate size are supplied.
Fixing holes are slotted. Push-in cover strip.

Reversible Brown/White Version:

Reversible colour finger guard by Raven.

The dimensions of the reversible guard carrier and material are the same as the standard guard.

To achieve the reversible effect of brown on one side and white on the other PVC is used for the guard material instead of EPDM.

Because the guard colour can be switched to match a brown or a white door frame at the time of fitting lower on-site stock holdings may be possible.

Specify which face colour you prefer showing, brown or white, when you order the guard.

In 2100mm lengths only.




Finger Guard Colours / Versions




Aluminium / Black EPDM Rubber / Black cover strips. Standard Version.




Aluminium / Black EPDM Rubber / Black cover strips. Long Version.




Aluminium / Black EPDM Rubber / Black cover strips. Wide Version.




Aluminium / PVC with BROWN face showing. Reversible Version




Aluminium / PVC with WHITE face showing. Reversible Version




To Order & Specify

Please quote - Quantity / Trade Name / Product Ref. / Size

Typical example:-
10 / Astro Fingerkeeper Industrial / AFFKIND / 2100


Health and Safety

Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practices should be observed.


Installation instructions supplied with product or a guide can be viewed online (see link below)

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