Astroflame Passive Fire Protection Products

Trade Name: Astro HS Door Viewer

Fire Rated, High Security, Door Viewer

High Security Door Viewer

Fire Rated for 60 minutes.

Suits 35mm - 62mm thickness doors

Person viewing can be seated or standing.

Prism system permits viewer to be up to 2 metres away from the door.

120° external viewing area.

Antique Gold or Silver Finish in plastic.

High Security, FIre Rated, Door Viewers


A door viewer with extra security featurers and designed for a wider range of users than standard door viewers.

The special prism optics built into this secure door viewer allow the viewer to be stood well back from the door and provide other special features:

Whoever is on the other side of the door can not see inside / view movementHigh and Low viewing angles supported.

The person viewing can be up to 2 metres back from the door and still see who is outside over a viewing angle of up to 120°

High or Low viewing - the viewer can be standing or seated. The lower viewing option is well suited to wheelchair users or children.


Security Door Viewer - viewing position



Offering 120 degree view and made from quality plastics.

Fire protection is by an intumescent strip, rated for 60 minutes fire resistance.

Conforms to DHF TS02 Specification


Sold in singles in either Antique Gold (AFDV38G) or Silver (AFDV38S)


To Order & Specify

Please Quote- Quantity / Product Ref / Finish
Typical Wording
2 no / AFDV38G / Gold
2 no / AFDV38S / Silver

Test and Approvals

DHF TS02 (Door Hardware Federation Test Standard 02)

Health and Safety

No special requirements.


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