Astroflame Passive Fire Protection Products



Flame Retardant Paint - BS476 rated.

BS476 Part 7: Class 1 surface spread of flame.

BS476 Part 6: Fire propagation.

Designated Class 0 in accordance with U.K. Building Regulations.

Gloss & Eggshell finishes.

Brush, roller or spray application.

In BS 4800, BS 381C and RAL colour ranges.

Flame retardant paint in  many colour options.


This paint is for use as either a decorative finish over our intumescent coatings or can be used alone as a decorative topcoat where that is deemed to provide adequate fire protection or on surfaces with a non-combustible performance currently maintained with flame retardant paints.

Suitable for use direct to bare or sound previously painted non-combustible walls and ceilings.

Fire Proof Paints, also known as flame retardant paints, assist in the control of fire hazards caused by combustible materials, such as wood and existing flammable paint finishes, by releasing a flame extinguishing gas upon contact with a fire.


Fire proof paint is available in Gloss and Egshell Finishes in BS4800 and RAL colour ranges.
Supplied in 2.5 litre and 5 litre containers.

Fireproof paint - common RAL  colours range.      




BS 4800 and RAL colours.


BS 4800 and RAL colours.






To Order & Specify

We are happy to provided specifications and quotations - please use our specification form to ensure we cover all apects of your fire protection and decorative  requirements in our quote. We accept any order size.

Prior to application the contractor should contact the Astroflame Technical Department (see above) to obtain a basecoat application schedule.

Fire Tests


Certificate of Supply upon request for each project
for Insurance, Fire and Building Control Authority
and Client Records.




1 coat over Astroflame Intumescent Paint (ASTRO ISS) @ 8 sq m. / litre.
2 coats @ 8 sq m / litre if direct to Primed or previously painted surfaces.


Brush, roller, conventional and airless spray.
Metallic finish should be roller or conventional spray applied, stirring continuously. 
Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and sound.
Minimum application temperature 6°C.
Do not apply when condensation may form.
Thoroughly abrade old gloss or eggshell paints - test to ensure adequate adhesion.

N.B. Where Flame Retardant Paint alone is deemed to provide adequate protection eg. on bare non combustible surfaces or to surfaces already protected with flame retardant paint.

Minimum drying times:

Oil Based



6 hours.

Touch Dry


12 hours.




Health and Safety

Observe all normal health and safety precautions for painting including ventilation, hygiene and masks and protective clothing as appropriate.

Antimony Oxide flame retardant agents.
Acrylic, Alkyd and Vinyl binders.
High opacity pigments (metallic finish contains inert acrylic resins and metal powders.)




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