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LUMINAIRE COVER - Installation Guide

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NHBC and LANTAC Approval


The purpose of this document is to give guidance to approved contractors and suppliers who are engaged in the fire stopping of service penetrations in fire rated structures using the Astro lumi cover

  • Prevent the spread of fire, smoke and hot gases through a building by containing it in the compartment of origin.

  • Maintain the integrity of escape routes from a building.

  • Reduce loss or damage to property from the effect of fire and smoke.

  • Maintain pressure differential between compartments and ventilation channels.


Recessed luminaires or modular light fittings are widely used in commercial buildings. Each ceiling is subject to fire regulations and where applicable the ceiling construction needs to be fire rated.

When a ceiling tile is replaced by a recessed luminaire, the integrity of the ceiling's construction and its ability to perform in a fire are reduced significantly.

To combat this ASTROFLAME, as part of its continuing development of passive fire protection solutions, has developed a Recessed Luminaire Cover for use in 30 and 60 minute fire rated ceilings.


Sizes: Small 600mm x 600mm or Large 1200mm 600mm

To fit heights upto 135mm from the base of the ceiling cross tee



Cut or pierce holes in the cover

Step 1
Carefully unbox the assembled Astro Lumi Cover from its packaging.

Cut or pierce holes in the cover to allow cables to pass through,ensure that the cables pass through the hole as a tight fit to maintain the integrity of the product.

Pass the cover diagonally through the ceiling aperture

Step 2
Pass the cover diagonally through the ceiling aperture, if it will not pass through the opening it may be necessary to remove one or more of the ceiling struts to enable the cover to fit through.

Align with ceiling grid and tiles

Step 3
Ensure that the slots of the Astro Lumi Cover are situated over the ceiling grid and that the lumi cover lies flush with the ceiling tiles

Push the cables through the pre made holes

Step 4
Push the cables through the pre made holes, seal cables through the hole with ASTROFLAME INTUMESCENT MASTIC
and then continue to fit the modual as normal.

Transformers should be sited outside of the cover. Ceiling accessories should be fitted in accordance with ceiling manufacturers recommendations

The installed luminaire cover
An installed luminaire cover



Astroflame intumescent luminaire covers are manufactured in the EU, meeting the highest quality standard in compliance with ISO EN 9001:2000 . For fire test certification contact Astroflame Fireseals technical department.

Fire Test and Assessment Reports

BS Standard 476 part 23 for in excess of 30 or 60 mins rating
Report CC 203791C
NHBC Type Approval.

Storage and disposal

Astroflame intumescent luminaire covers should be stored indoors. No shelf life is given as this product will not deteriorate in storage.

For additional testing, certification or technical information please contact ASTROFLAME FIRESEALS LTD.

Issue 04/13



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