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Intumescent Paint, Coatings and Varnish.

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Intumescent steel coatings
to BS476 Part 21

BS476 Part 7: Class 1 surface spread of flame.

BS476 Part 6: Fire propagation.

Designated Class 0 in accordance with U.K. Building Regulations.

Intumescent paint application



Fire proof paint - how it works.Intumescent paints and coatings produce a protective char retarding the spread of flames and the transfer of heat in the event of a fire,

Astroflame stock a range of protective intumescent coatings, for steel, timber, plaster and brick and a range of decorative finishes to protect and complete fire protection systems.

These types of decorative finish are also referred to as fire proof paint, fire retardant paint or fire varnish (clear coat)



Surface / Material



Structural Steel

Finished coat or as undercoat

Part 21


Steel / Cast Iron

Metal Primer for ISS Paint

Not Rated

Wood (Painted)

Finished coat or undercoat

Parts 6&7

Walls & Ceilings

Finished coat or undercoat

Parts 6&7

All undercoated surfaces

Decorative topcoat for the above coatings or to top coat existing painted surfaces.

Parts 6&7


Clear topcoat.

Parts 6&7



Sealant coat for varnished wood

Not Rated

ASTRO ISS Intumescent Paint insulates structural steel and cast iron steel during a fire, keeping them below the critical (collapse) temperature.

ASTRO ITC and ASTRO IF Intumescent Coatings control flame spread and fire propagation on wood.

Fire retardant and flame retardant paints assist in the control of fire hazards from combustible materials, such as wood, by releasing a flame extinguishing gas when exposed to the high temperature of a fire.

Fire proof paints can be used on new or old surfaces. Improved fire resistance can be imparted to accumulations of flammable paint (due to repeated overpainting) on old plaster or brickwork by applying an intumescent coating and a flame retardant paint decorative top-coat.

Where a fire resistant paint has been specified and the client needs assurance that the specification has been met we issue a certificate of supply (on request).



fire proof paint manufacture

Intumescent paints are manufactured to BS476 specifications under the principles of BS 5750 / ISO 9000

We can customise decorative requirements without compromising the fire protection qualities of the paint.


BS4800 coloursAvailable in gloss or eggshell finishes to match any BS4800 BS381C or RAL colour and in any quantity.


Also available in five metallic finishes and one plain non-decorative finish for hidden areas.

To Order & Specify

We accept any order size.

We are happy to provided specifications and quotations - please use our specification forms (links below) to ensure we cover all aspects of your fire protection and decorative requirements in our quote.

Prior to application the contractor should contact the Astroflame Technical Department to obtain a basecoat application schedule.

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Fire Tests

Certificate of Supply upon request for each project for Insurance, Fire and Building Control Authority and Client Records.



Please refer to data on the product sheets.

For covering large areas spraying techniques may be employed - if so noted on the product data sheet. Here is a link to one of the leading suppliers of equipment for spray painting intumescent coatings, Lion Industries (we are not connected to this company).

Health and Safety

Please refer to COSHH data on product sheets.