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Intumescent Materials.

An intumescent material is one that undergoes a chemical change when exposed to heat or flames, becoming viscous then forming expanding bubbles that harden into a dense, heat insulating multi-cellular char.

The objectives of intumescent technology are the containment of fire and toxic gases by inhibiting flame penetration, heat transfer and transport of toxic gases from the site of a fire to other parts of a structure.

A typical, practical application of intumescence is in fire seal technology, where stips of intumescent material in a carrier are fitted around the perimeter of a fire door. During a fire the fire seals intumescence (expand and char) to resist fire penetration and prevent the spread of fumes.

Intumescent technologies are widely used in passive fire protection systems, where potential pathways for the spread of flames and fumes, such as conduits, wall openings and ventilation grilles are fitted with fire retardant products. Passive fire protection materials are usually combined with "active" fire supression technologies such as sprinklers, foam generation and inert gas systems.

Intumescent Graphite.

Our products are based on the chemistry of expandable graphites which have the following advantages

Biologically inert - ie. non-toxic, no heavy metals used, halogen free, insoluble in water and other solvents;

Smoke reduction and reduction of toxic gas;

Start expansion temperature (SET) between 150 and 300 degree C.

Flame retardant grade expandable graphite is manufactured using chemical processes that optimize it for the final application, eg intumescent putty, intumescent fire strips, intumescent fire pillows foams, etc. where different expansions volumes and SETs may be required.

Used as a basic flame retardant, the crucial feature of expandable graphite is its intumescent property - both in free expansion and expansion under pressure. But for a fire retardant foam, for example, properties other than basic intumescent are important namely, neutral pH value, low initial viscosity, high SET and small particle size. In other fire retarding applications the expanded carbon layers would lack stability unless combined with (halogen-free) flame retardant additives, such as APP, ZB, NP28 etc.

An optimum grade of expandable graphite, depending on final application, is used in our products.

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Standards /Independent Certification.

Our products are independently certified to meet national and international standards including:

UK - British building Regulations Approved Document B.

BSI Standards: BS 476 pt. 20, BS 476 pt. 12, BS 476 pt. 22, BS 476 Sect. 31.1, BS 8214, BS 5588

International - ISO DIS 12472, ISO CD 5925-1 and others.

USA - Building Code and the Residential Code IBC 2000

Standards: NFPA 101, NFPA 105, UBC 7-2, UL 110113, UL 10C, UL 1784

Intumescent Products.

We stock or manufacture fireproofing items such as - fire seals, smoke seals, letter box systems, pipe collars, pipe sleeves, pipe wraps, duct wrap, fire grilles, cladding seals, fire rated foams, downlighter covers, lighting canopies, luminaire covers.

We now supply intumescent paints and coatings.







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