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Trade Name: Astro Pillow

Intumescent Fire Pillows

Fire Pillows tested to BS476: Part 20: 1987

EN1366-3 EI120

EN13501-2 Fire Resistance Classification

EN1026 Air Permeability

EN10140 Acoustic Reduction

Up to 4 hours fire integrity

Available in 4 standard sizes

Easy to install & re-locate

Removable for re-use

For wall floor & ceiling penetrations

Dustproof - safe for the work environment

Certifire Approval

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Our fire pillows are manufactured from a hard wearing specially treated glass cloth filled with a mixture of mineral fibre and reactive expansion (intumescent) agents.

On exposure to high temperatures from a fire the intumescent material expands and then hardens to provide a complete and durable seal against the passage of fire, smoke and hot gases.

Intumescent Fire Pillows can be used for creating either temporary or permanent fire barriers. The fire pillows are ideal for sealing Cable Trunkings, Small, Medium and Large Cables, Cable Trays, Cable Ladders and Metallic Pipes that penetrate concrete, block, and masonry walls also tested in concrete floors.

Suitable for use in telephone exchanges, rooms and other areas where cable services are frequently modified.

These intumescent pillows have been independently tested in accordance with BS476: Part 20: 1987 and can provide up to 4 hours fire integrity.

Also tested to EN1366-3.

They contain no asbestos or halogens.

Penetrations up to 600mm2 - 4 hrs and up to 1000mm2 2 hrs fire resistance.

Product Availability

Available in 4 standard sizes to enable effective sealing in whatever size or shape of opening either in walls or floors.

Large - 25 per pack. Medium / Small / Sausage - 50 per pack.

Size / Type


Product Code


300mm x 200mm x 40mm



300mm x 150mm x 40mm



300mm x 100mm x 40mm



300mm x 50mm x 40mm


To Order & Specify

Please contact us and quote the following information - Please quote- Quantity / Trade name / Product Ref / Size
Typical wording- 10 / Astro Pillows Sausage / AFFPSAS / 300x50x40mm

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Fire Test and Assessment Reports

BS476 Part 20: 1987
EN1366-3 EI120, EN13501-2 Fire Resistance Classification, EN1026 Air Permeability, EN10140 Acoustic Reduction


Fire pillows sealing wall penetation.

Fire pillows are quick and easy to fit and can be removed for re-use or allow new services to be passed through the penetration, to maintain the integrity of the structure simply re-fill the void with the pillows.

In all situations the pillows should be fitted on a staggered formation and be packed tightly into the opening.

If the pillows are to be used in floor penetrations a support mesh must be used - see installation sheet for further details.

For further information on installation requirements please review the installation video (Floor and wall Penetration) or contact the technical team on: tel 01329 844 500 or email




Health and Safety

The product does not present any known health hazards during or after installation. Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practices should be observed. For further information on health and safety requirements please contact the technical team on: tel 01329 844 500 or email

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