Astroflame Passive Fire Protection Products

Trade Name: Astro HBP Primer

High Build Primer

Compatible with our intumescent paint

High Build & Quick Drying

Red, White or Grey

Solvent or water based options

Brush, Roller or Spray

Suitable as a general use metal primer

Astro HBP Primer - High Build Primer


A High Build Quick Drying corrosion resistant metal primer for structural steel and cast iron. Contains high durability resin binders, light fast pigments and a high concentration of zinc phosphate.

Compatible with Astroflame ISS Paint and most other intumescent paint systems, epoxy and conventional paints.

Suitable for application in Steel Fabricator's shops or on site. Will protect exposed structural steel during construction as well as protecting internal steelwork thereafter.

May be overcoated with our intumescent paint systems as well as epoxy, conventional gloss, eggshell, acrylic and vinyl paint finishes.


Astroflame HBP Primer is available in 2.5 litre and 5 litre containers.

To Order & Specify

We are happy to provided specifications and quotations - please use our specification form to ensure we cover all apects of your fire protection and decorative  requirements in our quote. We accept any order size.

Prior to application the contractor should contact the Astroflame Technical Department (see above) to obtain a basecoat application schedule.

For help please speak to the technical team on:

>> Tel: 01329 844 500 or >> Email:


Single Pack. Suitable for brush, roller or airless spray application. Do not stir.

- Airless Spray -Graco 1500, 5000 or equivalent.
- Thinners - Do not thin.
- Solvent based -Clean equipment with white spirit.
- Water based -Clean equipment with water.
- Max. Relative Humidity 80%.
- Min.Temperature 6° C.
- Min.Steel Temperature 3° C above Dew Point.

Remove weld spatter, grind down weld seams and sharp edges. Blast clean lo SA2½ Swedish Standard. lf impractical remove all rust and millscale with hand powertools, avoiding polishing the surface. Prime before rust starts to re-form. Surfaces should be free from dust, dirt and grease.

Volume solids




Dry film thickness

75 microns.

Theoretical coverage

6m sq/litre.


Grey/ white /red.

Minimum drying times:


Water Based

Oil Based


Touch Dry

2 hours.

6 hours.



4 hours.

12 hours.



Health and Safety

Please see (SDS) Safety Data sheet - This can be requested from our sales team >> Tel: 01329 844 500 or
>> Email:

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