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Gum Magic - Application Guide

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The purpose of this document is to give guidance to approved contractors and suppliers who are engaged in using Gum Magic Protection.

Gum Magic Application

Surface Preparation: Any cracks must be repaired using a concrete mortar repair system. Moisture content should be = or <5% to a depth of 1cm Pressure washing up to 2500 psi and the use of Sterilising Solution is recommended to remove organic growth.

Application Instructions:: One to three applications of Gum Magic to achieve saturation of substrate. Must be applied wet on wet. Gum protection may be applied using a low pressure spray, brush or roller. Ensure application is from bottom to top on vertical surfaces; do not let the product run. Surfaces must be free from dust, dirt, oil, efflorescence, organic growth and old paint films.

Application Conditions: Substrate Temperature: +5C to +30C Ambient Temperature: +5C to +30C Substrate Moisturiser: 5% maximum.

Waiting Time: All subsequent coats MUST be applied wet on wet within 5 minutes of previous application until product is no longer absorbed. Once dry Gum Magic cannot be over-coated with any other products as there will be loss of adhesion.

Cleaning Tools: Clean all equipment with water immediately after use.

Consumption: Natural Stone (high porosity): 0.6m/lt Rendering: 3.5m/lt Architectural Concrete: 5.3m/lt Natural Stone (medium porosity): 7.0m/lt Terracotta: 7.5m/lt Cement Tiles: 10.0m/lt Marble: 14.0m/lt Granite: 27.0m/lt

Notes on Application: Fresh concrete must have 28 days curing before treatment. It is always advisable to treat a sample area in advance to check that compatibility and substrate conditions are suitable. Efflorescence must be treated with dilute acids before application of Gum Magic.

Gum Magic will not perform correctly if applied over non-absorbent surface; e.g. areas that have epoxy repairs on them or old paint films.

Curing Treatment: It is advisable not to apply Gum Magic if rain is expected within 4 hours. Water repellence is evident after a few hours drying but it may take up to 7 days to reach 100% efficiency.



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