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Non Darkening Sealer - Application Guide

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The purpose of this document is to give guidance to approved contractors and suppliers who are engaged in graffiti removal using Astro Bare Surface Graffiti Remover (BSGR).

Non Darkening Sealer

A clear 100% acrylic sealer dispersed in water and free of volatile organic solvents. Low odour, non-flammable and low toxicity.

Used as a transparent sealer for porous surfaces prior to application of Anti Graffiti Paint. Also used as a non darkening sealer for concrete and concrete products such as cement render, mortars and grouts, fibro cement, etc.

Designed for application on to a wide variety of porous surfaces such as, brick, mortar, concrete, render, porous stone and bare timber. Not required over sealed or previously painted surfaces.

Effective on brickwork where Anti Graffiti Paint often has no darkening effect on the brick but can ‘darken’ the mortar course.

Application is by brush, spray or roller. Can be applied to damp surfaces.

Apply one good coat of Non Darkening Sealer over a clean, dry substrate - first ensuring that any brick acid/etch cleaner used has been thoroughly rinsed off.

Non Darkening Sealer is milky white when first applied but dries clear.

For Non Darkening Sealer to work it is important that it be allowed to dry fully before applying any Anti Graffiti Paint finishing coats. Allow at least 4 hours under good drying conditions, but preferably overnight.

To test the effectiveness of Non Darkening Sealer we strongly recommend a small discrete trial application be carried out.

Important: Avoid using a paint brush when applying Non Darkening Sealer to surfaces subjected to efflorescence (i.e. salt deposits on cement substrates).

Efflorescence can be difficult to detect on light coloured surfaces and will produce a milky effect on a clear finish if disturbed during application (i.e. by shear action of using a brush). Roller or spray application is recommended where efflorescence may be present.



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