Astroflame Passive Fire Protection Products

Trade Name: Astro ITC Paint

Intumescent Paint for Timber

BS EN Class B s1 dO and complies with Class O.

BS476 Part 7: Class 1 surface spread of flame.

BS476 Part 6: Fire propagation Class 0.

Meets New BS EN Class B

Available in a wide range of finishes.

Brush, roller or spray application.


Astro ITC Paint - Intumescent Paint for Timber


Astroflame ITC intumescent paint provides durable wear, weather and wash resistant fire protection paint for decorative interior and exterior timber surfaces. Use with Astroflame SFR Dualcoat.

Meets new Fire Regulations standard BS EN Class B s1 dO and complies with Class O.

When exposed to fire:

- Astroflame SFR dualcoat releases a vapour to suppress toxic gasses & prevent flame spread.
- Astroflame ITC intumescent paint expands to create a barrier, insulating wood from heat and oxygen to prevent wood burning & fire penetration.
- One coat Astroflame ITC intumescent paint.
- Class 1,0 +B s1 d0 - 1 coat Astroflame ITC intumescent paint (20 & 80 sq m packs) with 1 or 2 coat Astroflame SFR Dualcoat.
- 30 & 60 minutes - 3 coats Astroflame ITC intumescent paint (5 kg packs) with 1 coat Astroflame SFR Dualcoat.
- White and coloured paint.
- Internal & external.
- Saves time and money.


Astroflame ITC intumescent paint is available in 20 & 80 square metre packs and 5kg Packs.

It can be overcoated with our flame retardant paint - available in BS4800, RAL colours and a range of finishes.

To Order & Specify

We are happy to provided specifications and quotations - please use our specification form to ensure we cover all apects of your fire protection and decorative  requirements in our quote. We accept any order size.

Prior to application the contractor should contact the Astroflame Technical Department (see below) to obtain a basecoat application schedule.

For help please speak to the technical team on:

>> Tel: 01329 844 500 or >> Email:

Fire Tests

For certification and compliance with regulations we will supply a
FREE of charge Certificate of Supply with each order or project..



Surfaces should be free of contamination, sound, clean and dry. Thoroughly abrade knotting, gloss, hard or smooth paints. Check adhesion of any existing coating.

Unknown coatings or old fire coatings please contact the Technical Dept:

>> Tel: 01329 844 500 or >> Email:

Prepare and apply according to manufacturer's instructions:

- 1 coat Astroflame ITC intumescent paint;
- 1 coat Astroflame SFR dualcoat. (Apply 2nd SFR dualcoat for external or damp areas).
- For 30 & 60 mins coverage contact Technical Advice.

Application conditions:
- Apply to dry wood in dry conditions.
- Max. timber moisture content 18%.
- Max relative humidity 70%.
- Min. temp 5°C and 2°C above dewpoint.
- Protect from rain until 1st coat SFR dualcoat is dry.

Health & Safety

Please see (SDS) Safety Data sheet - This can be requested from our sales team >> Tel: 01329 844 500 or
>> Email:

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