Astroflame Passive Fire Protection Products


Intumescent Putty

Fire Putty with fire resistance testing to EN 1366-3 EI 120, and BS 476 240mins.

Fire Classification to EN 13501-2.

Certifire 3rd Party Accreditation

Acoustic Isolation to EN 10140 to 65dB.

Tested with metallic pipes, cables, cable bunches, cable trays and cable ladders.

Non-setting - easily removed and re-used.

Fills irregular shapes.

Highly flexible and water resistant.

Halogen free, resists fungi and vermin.

Shelf Life 60 months.


Certifire 3rd Party Accreditation


Astroflame fire putty is a solvent free, easy to use, non-setting intumescent compound, which is ideal for sealing around pipes and cables in walls and floors.

Tested to EN1366-3 on C1, C2 and D1 Type Cables, Cable Trays and Metallic Pipes.

Causes no known detrimental effects to plastic pipes, plastic cables, sheathing or metallic components.

Can accommodate substantial movement of service penetrations and can be easily removed and re-used.

The flexibility of the putty enables complex and irregular shapes and openings to be fire stopped.

Offers excellent hot and cold smoke sealing properties and is not affected by fungal attack or moisture.

Ideal for electrical, telecommunications and other such industries.

Astroflame fire putty has been independently tested in accordance with BS476: Part 20: 1987 and EN1366-3 and can provide up to 4 hours fire resistance depending on depth and volume.

Tested in block wall, concrete, masonry and plasterboard partition. Tested in concrete floors. Tested in large service openings up to 250 x 150mm.

If you are buying putty to make putty pads for electrical socket boxes check our PUTTY PAD ALTERNATIVE INSERTS - quick, clean and full fire protection.





1.55 g/cm³

pH Value




Shore A Hardness


Application temperature

+5°C to +45°C

Water Resistance

Good when fully cured

U.V Resistance


Joint Movement


Fire Resistance

EN 1366-3 - EI 120 & BS476 - 240 mins

Fire Classification

EN 13501-2



Astroflame Putty is neutral in colour and supplied in handy 1kg tubs.

To Order & Specify

Please quote- Quantity /Trade name /Product Code/ Weight.
Typical wording- 12 / ASTROPUTTY / AFIP / 1kilo

Fire Test or Assessment Reports

Fire resistance testing to EN 1366-3 EI 120, and BS 476 240mins.
Fire Classification to EN 13501-2.
Certifire 3rd Party Accreditation.

Acoustic Isolation to EN 10140 to 65dB.

Health and Safety

The product does not present any known health hazards during or after installation. Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practices should be observed.

Environmental Impact

Low VOC (air quality).
No Power Tools required for installation (no energy source required).
Dust free.
Low Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).
Low Global Warming Potential (GWP).
No water pollution.
Smoke and Air Tightness.
Noise Reduction.
Thermal Insulation.
Recycling of Packaging.
Avoidance of Air Filtration.
Does not emit halogenated by-products.
Contains no raw materials known to have an estrogenic effect.
The life cycle of Astro Putty is over 25 years.

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