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Trade Name: Astro Non Slip Coat

Non Slip Floor Paint

A Non Slip Paint for use on concrete, timber or steel floors

Typical applications:
Factory floors
Public buildings

Spray, Roller or Brush application

Medium Green, Tile Red or Mid Grey

Non Slip Floor Paint at Astroflame.

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An anti-slip floor paint based on an epoxy ester formulation that dries to a tough durable finish. Has good resistance to water, oils, mild acids and alkalis. Available in 3 colours

Recommended Use
Ideal for use on concrete, timber and steel floors. Anti-slip properties are produced by the use of organic powder which eliminates the risk of sparking from metal wheels, therefore providing enhanced safety to potentially slippery areas.

Suitable for use on timber, steel and concrete floors (in entrance halls, garages, canteens, workshops, etc). Possesses good resistance to water, oils, acids and alkalis.

Anti-slip properties produced by the use of organic powder gives enhanced safety to slippery areas. The use of organic powder to produce the anti-slip properties has eliminated the risk of sparking from metal wheels and tools, unlike some floor coatings that contain sand or grit. This anti-spark feature provides extra safety, for example in factories or chemical plants, where sparks are hazardous.

Recommended Application:
Conventional spray, Roller or Brush


Finish: Non-slip sheen

Flash Point: 38ºC

Drying Time @ 20ºC:
Surface dry - 1½ hours., Hard dry - 5 hours., Overcoat after 16 hours.
Drying times will be extended at low temperatures.
Do not apply when ambient temperature falls below 5ºC or relative humidity exceeds 90%
Dry Film Thickness: 15 - 35 µ
Wet Film Thickness: 40 - 100 µ

Practical Covering Capacity:
Approximately 13 Sq M per litre @ 25 µ DFT

Slip Resistance:
Dry: 52 - Low slip potential
Wet: 44 - Low slip potential
(Results obtained using BS7976 Slider 96 Pendulum Test

Thinners/Cleaner: Astro Non Slip Thinners


All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from grease, rust, mill scale, etc.
Apply 1 or 2 coats, preferably by brush or roller.
This paint should not be applied to newly laid concrete unless it has thoroughly dried out.
Allow 1 month per inch thickness of concrete laid for curing prior to painting.
The initial coat may be thinned to seal the substrate.
Loose or dusty concrete should be abraded by mechanical methods before painting.
Heavy traffic should be avoided on newly painted surfaces for a period of 72 hours after painting.

For further information contact our Technical Service Department.


Availability: 5 litre tins. Colour Range: Medium Green, Tile Red or Mid Grey. Available to order in any quantity.

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Product Description



Astro Non Slip Coat

Medium Green


Astro Non Slip Coat

Tile Red


Astro Non Slip Coat

Mid Grey


For further information on installation requirements please contact the technical team on: tel 01329 844 500
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Health and Safety

The product does not present any known health hazards during or after installation. Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practices should be observed. For further information on health and safety requirements please contact the technical team on: tel 01329 844 500 or email


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