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Trade Name: Astro VFB Kit

Ventilated Fire Barrier Kit.

This Ventilated Fire Barrier (VFB) kit fire protects ventilated cavities without compromising air circulation.

Suitable for for air gaps of 25, 35 and 46mm, dependant on cavity size

Tested for use in Timber Frame, Masonry, Blockwork,
Brickwork & Concrete constructions.

Fire Integrity of 30/60mins: BS 476 Part 20: 1987.

Permits cavity deviations of up to 10mm.

One product reduces stock holding as custom sizes can be made in minutes.

Can be assembled on site.

Ventilated Fire Barrier in activated state.


This kit enables on-site assembly of fully fire tested and approved Ventilated Fire Barriers to fit all common cavity sizes with an air gap left for ventilation and moisture dissipation.

Air gaps of 25, 35 and 46mm are supported.

A roll of fire barrier material and fixings are supplied with the kit but some cavities may require mineral fibre board to narrow the cavity gap so that the activated fire seal fully closes the ventilation air gap. Mineral fibre board is sold separately.

See the Installation Guide or contact Astroflame for more details on installation options, including the use of mineral fibre boards.

Parts supplied with VFB Kit.


Ventilated Fire Barrier showing typical installation gap size. VFB Kit can be mounted directly on Timber Frame, Masonry, Kingspan* and Mineral Fibre insulation (* Limited applications, check with Astroflame for details).

Fully tested with cavity deviations of up to 10mm to ensure a reliable fire barrier is maintained

Fully tested in most popular constructions to give 30/60 minute fire protection.


Fire Protection Data:

Air Gap

No Insulation

Mineral Wool













75mm wide x 4mm thick x 6.3 metres long
Product Ref : AFCFBKIT

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Fire Tests

Ventilated Fire Barrier (VFB) Kit is tested to the general principles of BS EN 1363-1: 1999, using the general principles stated in EOTA TR31: 2008 (Fire resistance test for cavity barriers)

Health and Safety

Refer to COSHH sheet



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