databook Your Digital Logbook
databook electronic logbook
Store all your fire safety documents in one place - Databook
online archive service to record your passive fire construction jobs

Databook - Your Digital Logbook

Welcome to the Electronic Logbook

Welcome to the Electronic Logbook. An online archive service to record your construction jobs while onsite. Register and record fire passive installation on the go. Perfect to keep all your jobs/records in one place which can be reviewed by anyone from building inspectors, site managers, fire inspectors, building managers and more.

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  • Record your fire passive installation there and then on the Databook.
  • Reduce your paper records/storage.
  • Save time on searching for your records/jobs on the Databook.
  • Reduce your paper workload.
  • Easy to use Databook system.
  • Quickly share or review your Databook records/jobs on any computer device.
  • Present your Databook records/jobs immediately after the inspection or repair round that has been completed.

How it works

Record on the go

A revolution in documenting your construction jobs. Databook enables you to efficiently record all your work and installations in one place. The easy to use Databook allows you enter and record your information into the system. Once an installation or job has been completed, you’ll need to print a QR sticker. Then that QR sticker can then be affixed to the completed work or even completed repair work. Through the Databook system all your data is now digitally available.

Your records from the Databook system can be easily scanned via the QR labels using your mobile or tablet devices. Also, you can make changes or updates to your data records quickly and easily. With Databooks you have a digital overview of all activities and the systems can be used online and offline.

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Take control of your construction admin. Databook for all archiving solutions

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Astroflame offer a comprehensive range of intumescent or fire rated passive fire stopping products for use in walls, floors, ceilings, doors, ducts and other fire rated compartmentation structures for fire, air permeability, water permeability, acoustic isolation and structural movement.

Our range covers;
Door Protection, Finger Protection, Safety Products, Fire Stop Products, Lighting Protection, Sealants, Fire Proof and Anti-Graffiti Paints, Draught Proofing, Acoustic Seals and Disabled Access.

As a major supplier of high-end fire and safety protection systems we keep up to-date with the latest and new product innovations, we will be pleased to discuss your construction project needs.

Astro X Series Pipe Collar CE Marked Product Image

Astro X Series CE Pipe Collar

Trade & Wholesale Prices Available

Designed and tested to seal service penetration apertures containing plastic pipes or cables, using thermoplastic composites based on graphite intumescent technology.

Astro X Series CE Pipe Wrap Product

Astro X Series CE Pipe Wrap

Trade & Wholesale Prices Available

These Pipe Wraps can be installed in flexible wall, rigid wall, rigid floor constructions and with Batt systems. Compatible with PP, PE, PVC pipes.

Intumescent Acoustic Mastic  Product

Intumescent Acoustic Mastic CE Marked

Trade & Wholesale Prices Available

A one part intumescent acrylic mastic for sealing gaps around fire doors, linear joints, penetraction seals, voids and irregular holes in fire rated structures.

Fire Resistant Batt CE Marked

Fire Resistant Batt CE Marked

Trade & Wholesale Prices Available

Specifically designed for sealing around service penetrations in walls and floors. Tested in Block Wall, Concrete, Masonry, Plasterboard Partition and tested in Concrete Floors.



In recent years we have launched a number of CE marked European Technical Approval fire stopping products to further develop and strengthen our range of testing alongside UL-EU and Certfire approvals in conjunction with our existing BS (British Standards) and EN (European Standards) testing carried out by approved laboratories such as Warrington Fire Exova, BRE and IFC.

Testing and Certification is a continuous area of development for Astroflame and updates are added to the web site continually bringing more products under new certification and increasing the scope and parameters of use.

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Astroflame (Fire Seals) Ltd. Intumescent House, Unit 8, The IO Centre, Stephenson Road, Segensworth, Fareham, United Kingdom, PO15 5RU