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Trade Name: Astro PFP FR Coating

Ablative Sealant Coating


For use with Astro PFP FR Board system.

Easy to retrofit additional building services after installation.

Non Toxic & Emission Free not harmful to you.

Permanently flexible - will accommodate movements during fire and smaller movements in the construction it has been fitted within.

Suitable for most surfaces, including concrete, bricks, masonry, steel, wood, gypsum, glass, plastics and most non-porous surfaces.

May be used in unlimited lengths in walls with heights up to 1200mm and in floors with widths up to 120 mm.

May be installed in gypsum walls without framing around the opening.

Halogen free with added fungicides.

Once fully cured, the coated board resists water and frost.

PFP FR Boards

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CE Marked Astro PFP Pipe Closer


CE Label Intumescent Pipe CloserAstro PFP FR Coating spray grade, is an ablative sealant coating designed to enhance, seal and fire protect stonewool fibres in Astro PFP FR Boards. It is based on a durable polymer system with inert fillers, non-halogenated fire retardants and a preservative to resist microbial attack.

Astro PFP FR Coating is designed to be applied via spraying directly onto stonewool fibres. The coating dries to give a sound, flexible white surface finish. During installation of Astro PFP FR Boards, the cured sealant coating reduces de-lamination and increases surface stability for adhesive and fixing sealant application.

The ablative property of the coating resists flame spread and protects the stone wool fibres against fire penetration by significantly reducing the permeability of the stone wool fibre core and prevents the passage of hot gases, thus reducing the temperature rise on the unexposed side and reducing heat conduction through the building services.

Astro PFP FR Boards coated with Astro PFP FR Coating are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire rated walls and floors, also where openings are formed to allow the installation of multiple building services. The system will also maintain the acoustic design performance.



Emission Data (indoor air quality)


Emission rate after 4 weeks


0.20 mg/m2







n.d. means not detected

Astro PFP FR Coating complies with the requirements of BREEAM according to the M1 Protocol for Chemical and Sensory Testing of Building Materials as published by RTS version 15.12.2004 which is the best possible environmental and indoor hygiene health protection mark for coatings. Tested by Eurofins Product Testing, report number 392-2014-00000407B.

NB. For penetration seals, please see the Installation Instructions for Astro PFP FR Board.

CE InformationCE Marked Documents
'DoP's are 'Declaration of Performance'
'CoC's are 'Certificate of Constancy of Performance'
'ETA' European Technical Assessment Sheet
'TDS' are 'Technical Data Sheet'

Technical Data


Ready to use viscous paste

Cure system

Water loss




Max. 75 minutes

Totally hardened

Class A1 according to EN 13501-1


Max. 75 minutes (sealant)

Film forming

Max. 25 minutes (sealant)

Totally hardened

3 to 5 days depending on thickness and temperature


Low to medium, 12.5%

Specific Gravity

1.3 - 1.4


8.5 - 9.2

Flash point


Solids Content

> 58 %

Temperature range

-30°C to +80°C (when hardened)

Application temp.

+10°C to +30°C

Shelf life

Up to 12 months when stored in unopened containers under cool dry conditions.
AVOID FROST and extremes of temperature. Stored in temperatures between 5°C and 30°C


Up to 25 years when used as recommended

Product Availability

Product Code

Product Description



Astro PFP FR Coatings

8 Litres

To Order & Specify

Please contact us and quote the following information - Please quote- Quantity / Trade name / Product Ref / Weight
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For further information on installation requirements please review the installation video or contact the technical team on: tel 01329 844 500 or email

Health and Safety

The product does not present any known health hazards during or after installation. Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practices should be observed. For further information on health and safety requirements please contact the technical team on: tel 01329 844 500 or email

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