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Critical information how safe are your fire doors? What happens when you try to use cheaper products? Click the image below to see what happens when you don't Invest in any fire protection systems. Astroflame's range of Fire Door Protection products and Door Hardware range are part of a building's "passive fire protection system", which are an essential requirement for public buildings, offices, factories and other types of businesses.

Since a breakout of fire is never predictable, the fire door, unlike any other door, must perform its prime purpose - to protect lives and offer protection to the remainder of the building and to other buildings. People who use or occupy any building have a right to expect that they will be safely protected should a fire break out.

Don't delay all of Astroflame's fire rated products have been tested by independent laboratories to certify that they meet the required BS / EN / CE / CERTIFIRE performance standards where applicable.

For a trade or wholesale price on our Door Production product range please get in touch with us or click on the links below to see more information about each door protection product:

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Intumescent Fireseals

Intumescent fireseal image

Quad Seal
Fire, smoke, draught & acoustic door seal.

Intumescent Fire, Smoke Acoustic & Thermal Seal Product Image

Intumescent Door Edge Guards

Intumescent Door Edge Guards

Ironmongery Protection - Flexiseal

Intumescent Sheeting Image For Fire Door Hinges, Handles, Door Closers, Flush Bolts And More

Ironmongery Protection

Ironmongery Protection Image

Interdens® Ironmongery Protection

Interdens Intumescent Ironmongery Protection

Intumescent Letterbox Systems

Intumescent Letterbox Liner Image

Telescopic Letterbox
(30 Min Fire & Smoke)

Intumescent Fire Rated Telescopic Letterbox System Image

Telescopic Letterbox
(Fire / Smoke / Acoustic)

Intumescent Fire Rated Telescopic Letterbox System Product Image

Telescopic Letterbox
(30/60 Min. Fire & Smoke)

Intumescent Letterbox

Fire Rated Door Viewer

Fire Rated Door Viewer

Fire Rated High Security Door Viewer

High Security Fire Rated Door Viewer

Intumescent Fire Grille

Intumescent Fire Grille Product Image

Steel Air Transfer Plates

Steel Air Trnafer Plates image

Glazing U Channel

Glazing U Channel Product Image

Intumescent Glazing Tape

Intumescent Glazing Tape Product Image

Acoustic & Smoke
Rated Perimeter Seals

Acoustic And Smoke Seal

Acoustic Rated Door Bottom Seals - Face Mount

Acoustic Rated Door Bottom Seal - Surface Mounted

Acoustic Rated Door Bottom Seals - Rebate Type

Door Bottom Seal Product Image

Perimeter Smoke Seals by Raven

Raven Perimeter Seals Products At Astroflame.

Door Bottom Smoke Seals by Raven

Raven Door Botttom Seals Products At Astroflame.

Threshold Smoke Seals by Raven

Raven threshold seals Products At Astroflame.

Meeting Stile Seals

Meeting stile seals for doors

Acoustic Double Door Seal

Acoustic door seal - rebate fit - for double doors

Acoustic Perimeter Seal

door handles

Blue 60 Frame Foam

Blue 60 Frame Foam Product Image


Intumescent and Acoustic Mastic Product Image

Fire Rated
Silicone Sealant

Fire Rated Silicone Sealant Product Image

Dorgard SmartSound

A Fire Door Retainer Product At Astroflame

Fire Rated Lever and Pull Handles

Fire Rated Lever and Pull Handles

Fire Rated Locks and Latches

Fire Rated Locks and Latches

Fire Rated Hinges

Fire Rated Hinges

Fire Rated Escutcheons
- 60 min rated

Protective Keyhole Covering

Fire Door Signs

Fire Door Signs For Fire Doors

Fire rated Door Viewers

Fire rated Door Viewers

Fire rated Door Closers

Fire Rated Door Closers

View our video to see a range of Door Protection products in action

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