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Trade Name: Astro HPE Sealant

High Pressure Expansion Sealant

Suitable for use in rigid wall and floors, flexible wall and within batts wall and floor.

Large service openings up to 300 x 100mm.

Tested in accordance with EN 1366-3 : 2009.

Metallic Pipes, Cables, Cable Bunches (inc Telecommunication), Cable Trays and Cable Ladders.

Combustible Pipes up to 125mm dia - PVC, PE, PP, ABS and PEX.

Can be used on various pipe insulation types.

Causes no known effects to plastic pipes, plastic cables, sheathing or metallic components.

Easy clean up with water and is odourless.

Smoke, gas and air tight.

High Expansion Ratio.

Mould Resistant.

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Astro HPE Sealant at Astroflame

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Astro HPE Sealant is an acrylic based graphite sealant used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions where they have been provided for the penetration of single or multiple services, to form penetration seals where gaps are present.HPE CE Certification

Astro HPE Sealant expands upon contact with heat, also known as intumescent or reactive material Astro HPE Sealant is supplied within 310ml cartridges and 600ml foils. The sealant is gunned or trowelled into the annular space in or between the separating element/elements to a specific depth utilising backing materials.

CE InformationCE Marked Documents
'DoP's are 'Declaration of Performance'
'CoC's are 'Certificate of Constancy of Performance'
'TDS' are 'Technical Data Sheet'

ul-eu_certification 'UL Documentation' are 'UL - EU Certificate'







Test Standards


Ca. 1.30 - 1.40g/cm3

ISO 2811-1:2011

Shore Hardness A


ISO 7619-1:2010



Application Temperature

+5 °C to 35 °C

Expansion Onset Temperature

Ca. 180 °C


Up to 20 times

Shelf Life

18 months in unopened

Fire Resistance

EI 120


Air Permeability

600Pa - 100Pa 11.1/16.7 m3/h/m2



EN 13501-2

Certifire 3rd Party Accreditation

CF 5239

Available in

310ml and 600ml foils


Rw (C;Ctr) : 52 (-1;-6) dB

EN ISO 10140-2:2010

Durability Services

Type Z1, intended for use in internal conditions


Product Availability

Astro HPE Sealant is supplied in rigid 310ml cartridge format for use with an applicator gun.

Product Code

Product Name




Astro HPE Sealant

Grey only

310ml cartridge


Astro HPE Sealant - Foil

Grey only


To Order & Specify

Please contact us and quote the following information - Quantity / Product Code / Product Description / size
Typical wording- 10 / AFHPESG / Astro HPE Sealant / 310ml

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For further information on installation requirements please review the installation video or contact the technical team on: tel 01329 844 500 or email

Health and Safety

The product does not present any known health hazards during or after installation. Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practices should be observed. For further information on health and safety requirements please contact the technical team on: tel 01329 844 500 or email

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