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Trade Name: Astro LC Loft Cone

Fire Rated Loft Cone

F-Capped Flanged Fire Hood 30 minute fire rated.

Thermal test BS EN 60598 Section 12.4 and BS 476 Part 20.

IP6X dust tight

Easily fitted - simply drop over light fitting and seal with mastic to form vapour seal.

Save energy by limiting heat loss into loft space.

Allows continuous insulation over lights.

Fully tested to prevent overheating.

Reduces fire risk by keeping combustibles away from hot downlight.

Rigid and capable of supporting loft insulation away from light fitting.

Greendeal Compliant.

PAS 2030 Compliant.

Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes (EEPN) Compliant.

CITB - Construction Skills: General requirements and guidance for the installation of loft insulation - Compliant.

Astro LC Loft Cone at Astroflame.

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Recessed downlights are a common feature in many homes, however they also represent a potential fire hazard, especially if buried in loft insulation. Numerous house fires have been caused by the ignition of combustibles in ceiling spaces caused by hot downlights being covered with insulation.

In addition, the thermal performance of a ceiling is typically reduced by 50% when penetrated by multiple downlights due to heat loss through the gaps made in the insulation.

Using an Astro Loft Cone restores the air tightness of the ceiling and ensures continuity of insulation so that the overall performance is similar to that of a ceiling without downlights.

The Astro Loft Cone meets the latest needs of BS EN 60598 and other international standards for a lighting product when covered with insulation (sometimes referred to as a 'capped-F' type).

It adheres to the maximum external temperatures requested by the IEC even when cool beam lamps are used.

Suitable for aluminium and dichroic reflector lamps up to a max. 50W with cut-out dimensions of 50-100mm.

Designed to meet both the new NHBC requirement for a vapour seal and the requirement for continuous loft insulation documented in Approved Document L, whilst still maintaining an air space between the light fitting and the insulation - as stipulated by many light fitting manufacturers.

Use Astroflame Intumescent Mastic to complete vapour sealing.

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Astro LC Loft Cone



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