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Trade Name: Astro PFP Pipe Closer

CE Marked Intumescent Pipe Closer


CE Marked.

For pipe sizes from smallest pipes available to Ø315 mm with a wide range of pipe wall thicknesses.

Smaller pipes can be fitted within larger closers with the benefit of accommodating pipes that are at an angle or if the opening around the pipe is too large.

Fire classifications up to 240 minutes for both integrity and insulation.

Certified for PVC-U, PVC-C, PE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, ABS,SAN+PVC and PP pipes and a wide range of composite plastic pipes.

Tested and certified for U/U pipe end applications.

Classified for fire sealing in all types of constructions.

Excellent sound insulation.

No emissions - environmentally and user friendly.

Unlimited storage time (under correct conditions).

30 years working life guarantee.

Astro PFP Pipe Closer - various sizes

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CE Marked Astro PFP Pipe Closer


CE Label Intumescent Pipe CloserAstro PFP Pipe Closer are designed to maintain the fire resistance of fire rated walls and floors where these are breached by continuous plastic pipes, and may be used in gypsum, masonry and concrete walls and floors.

Each pipe closer consists of a Red/Silver coated circular steel shell that splits in two to fit around the service penetrations by means of a simple 'slide-lock' system.

The steel shell contains a graphite based reactive material which reacts when exposed to heat closing the openings left by the softening plastic pipe in fire.

When testing pipes, one can choose not to cap (or close) the pipe, or cap the pipe inside the furnace, or outside the furnace, or on both sides. The configuration chosen depends on the intended applicationof the pipe and/or the installation environment.

The code defining if a pipe is capped is stated after the fire classification. For instance EI 60 C/U which means the pipe was capped inside the furnace, and uncapped outside the furnace. The test configuration defines the approvals possible.

Our engineering judgment based on EN 1366-3:2009 are:

Intended use of pipe

Pipe end condition 4)

Rainwater pipe, plastic

At drainage

U/U 1)

Not at drainage

C/C 1)

Drainage or sewage pipe, plastic

Ventilated drain

U/U 1)

Unventilated drain

U/C 1)

Drain w/water trap

U/C 1)

Unventilated drain

C/C 2)

Pipe in closed circuit (water, gas, air, electricity etc.)

C/C 2)3)

Flue gas recovery system pipe, plastic

U/C 1)

Pipe with open ends and = 50cm length on both sides, plastic

U/U 2)

Pipe supported by suspension system, metal

Fire rated support

C/U 1)

Non-fire rated

U/C 1)

Waste disposal shaft pipe, metal

U/C 1)

1) Suggested in EN 1366-3:2009. 2) Judgment based on tests.
3) Metal pipes should have fire rated support. 4) U/U classified fire seals cover C/U, U/C and C/C. C/U classified fire seals cover U/C and C/C. U/C classified fire seals cover C/C.

CE InformationCE Marked Documents
'DoP's are 'Declaration of Performance'
'CoC's are 'Certificate of Constancy of Performance'
'ETA' European Technical Assessment Sheet
'TDS' are 'Technical Data Sheet'

Technical Data


Ready for use, steel shell with a graphite material


Powder coated 1mm steel

Conditioning procedure

EN 13238:2010

Expansion ratio


Expansion pressure

65.4 N

Graphite weight

1.4 kg/m2 per mm thickness

Graphite density

1409 kg/m3

Normal expansion time

Less than 2 minutes

Minimum expansion temperature

105 °C


Z2 intended for use in internal conditions with humidity classes other than Z1, excluding temperatures below 0°C.


Under normal conditions; 30 years +


May be stored for a long period of time. To be stored in temperatures between 5°C and 30°C

Installation temp.

+5°C to +50°C (sealant)


Red/Stainless Steel shell with anthracite inlay

Sound insulation


Sound reduction

Closers installed as described in walls

RW 58 dB

The sound insulation value is only valid for the closer/pipe and not for other elements in the building construction. The sound insulation has been tested by the accredited laboratory Exova BM Trada in Great Britain according to EN ISO 10140-2. Test report is available upon request.

Product Availability

Product Code

Product Description



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 32mm (Depth 50mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 40mm (Depth 50mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 55mm (Depth 50mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 63mm (Depth 50mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 75mm (Depth 50mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 82mm (Depth 50mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 90mm (Depth 50mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 110mm (Depth 50mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 125mm (Depth 60mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 140mm (Depth 60mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 160mm (Depth 60mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 200mm (Depth 75mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 250mm (Depth 75mm)



Astro PFP Pipe Closer: 315mm (Depth 75mm)


To Order & Specify

Please contact us and quote the following information - Quantity / Product Code / Product name / Size
Typical example:- 10 / AFPFPPC110 / Astro PFP Pipe Closer / 110mm

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For further information on installation requirements please review the TDS document or contact the technical team on: tel 01329 844 500 or email

Health and Safety

The product does not present any known health hazards during or after installation. Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practices should be observed. For further information on health and safety requirements please contact the technical team on: tel 01329 844 500 or email

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